Anna Power

profilepic_400x400Anna Power joined the Johnson and Alcock literary agency in 2001 and looks after a list of award-winning and bestselling novelists, historians and journalists.

Her broad interests range from literary and historical fiction through to more commerical genres such as psychological suspense and women’s fiction. She looks for great storytelling and a striking voice, and particularly enjoys discovering and working with debut writers.

Her growing children’s list is made up of writers focussing on the 8+ through to teen markets.

On the non-fiction side Anna is interested all things historical, and works with academics to bring their ideas to a general readership. She also represents cookery writers, restaurants, designers and journalists.

You can find her on Twitter at @APowerAgent.

Author: Richard Lee

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  1. Hi: A few days ago I requested a pitch to Anna Power either between 1145 and 1245 or 1525 to 1615 on Saturday, September 6th.

    As I’m going away this coming Saturday, August 9th for a week, and if I am able to do a pitch to Anna, I was wondering whether she is wanting to see synopses and first 3 chapters/whatever, as I have done before, at conference?

    Could someone let me know please – and thank you.

    Pamela Mann

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    • Hi Pamela,
      A pitch session is just that, your chance to pitch. If you wish to send work in advance to Anna I think you would be quite correct to do so, as you would do to the agent in the normal course of things, though mentioning in your covering letter that you are hoping to meet her in September at the conference. As ever, follow agency guidelines:
      I think submitting something for the agent to read in advance is good manners, but equally I do not think you should necessarily expect the agent to have read your proposal in detail. Be prepared to pitch as if they have read your proposal and as if they haven’t.

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      • Thanks for getting back to me, Richard.

        Pamela Mann

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