Workshops & Talks

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Session 1 (Sat 11.45 – 12.45)

1A. Veni, vidi, vici (talk)

Why the Romans keep us coming back for more

Margaret George, Douglas Jackson, Harry Sidebottom

1B. Book Video Trailers (workshop)

How to make an attention-grabbing book trailer

Giles Kristian, Philip Stevens


1C. Faith, Pride and Glory (talk)

Were lives richer long ago?

Elizabeth Chadwick, Jerome de Groot, Elizabeth Fremantle


1D. The Perils and Pitfalls of Writing 20th Century Historical Fiction (talk)

With advice and top tips

Jean Fullerton, Maureen Lee, Fenella Miller, Bernardine Kennedy

1E. Going Solo (workshop)

Publishing and marketing historical fiction as ebooks

Ian Skillicorn


1F. Reaching out to Readers (talk)

What else can we do? Insights and initiatives

Matt Bates, David Headley, Cathy Rentzenbrink

1G. Diversity and Unity (talk)

Looking over the divide with England (from the other side of the pond and across Hadrian’s Wall)

Elisabeth Gifford, Andrew Taylor, Robyn Young

1H. Shakespeare’s Dark Lady (talk)

‘For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright;
Who art as black as hell, as dark as night.’

Sally O’Reilly

1I. Figures of Speech (workshop) Recreating past voices – methods and approaches

Emma Darwin, Suzannah Dunn

1J The allure of the outcast (talk) From Robin Hood to Richard the Lionheart – What is it about a maverick that makes for fabulous fiction?

Angus Donald


Session 2 (Sun 11.00 – 12.00)

2K. When the World was at War (talk)

The Great War and WWII as a backdrop for fiction written now

Clare Morrall, Martin Sutton

2L. Research Rapture (workshop) Making the most of your research hours

Ann Chamberlin, Bryan Crockett

2M. Drawing from Disaster (talk) The enduring fascination of calamity

Hazel Gaynor, Ann Weisgarber

2N. The Importance of Place (talk) The significance of setting in historical fiction

Annamaria Alfieri, jay Dixon

2O. Battle Tactics (workshop) From weapons drill to positioning armies – getting your warfare right

James Heneage, Anthony Riches

2P. The Shock of the Norm (talk) Prostitution, bedsharing and privacy – changing attitudes to intimacy

Jenny Barden, Essie Fox, Hallie Rubenhold

2Q. The Social Network (workshop) Using social media and other online tools successfully

Sandra Alvarez, Charlie Farrow, Alison Morton

2R. Feisty Heroines and Dutiful Wives (talk) The changing perception of women and their role How do novelists deal with gender inequality through the ages?

Jessie Burton, Kate Forsyth, Prof Diana Wallace

2S. Indie Best Place To Be (workshop) The pros and cons of going indie – how to do it really well

Helen Hart, Helen Hollick

2T. Art and Artists in Historical Fiction (talk) The special challenges of writing about art & artists in HF

Michael Dean, Alicia Foster, Patricia O’Reilly, Stephanie Renee dos Santos


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